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Crimping tools

ABIKO® crimp tools are Scandinavian quality tools made for professionals. The tools are characterised by quality design, which makes them light and handy. 

• minimal force required for correct crimping, 30% lower hand force then previous version
wider opening of fork for easier access
good ergonomic design for better comfort
special rubber tip on handle for optimized support when using a surface to crimp
hand shake position of the handle
stronger crimping head - bigger crimp possibilities
ratchet system which guarantees a fully closed crimp
long product life - whithstands at least 50,000 cycles
adjustable for calibration to ensure and maintain correct crimping

If you require maximum ergonomics, select the ergonomic line series with a mechanical action that reduces crimping pressure from 450N to 250N, increases work quality and minimizes the risk of repetitive strain injuries to hands and wrists.