ABIKO terminals and tools

Crimping tools

Abiko hand tools are Scandinavian quality tools made for professionals. The tools are characterised by quality design, which makes them light and handy.  
  • minimal force required for correct crimping, 30% lower hand forcethen previous version
  • wider opening of fork for easier access
  • good ergonomic design for better comfort
  • special rubber tip on handle for optimized support when using a surface to crimp
  • hand shake position of the handle
  • stronger crimping head - bigger crimp possibilities
  • ratchet system which guarantees a fully closed crimp
  • long product life - withstands at least 50,000 cycles
  • adjustable for calibration to ensure and maintain correct crimping


Elpress ring, fork and pin terminals are manufactured from high grade copper and receptacles from brass or tin-bronze. All terminals are electrolytically tin plated to achieve good corrosion protection. The necks of the terminals are brazed and annealed to allow crimping in any direction around the neck. The metal in the most common receptacle necks is double folded for excellent mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.

End Sleeves

Abiko end sleeves are manufactured from tin plated, electrolytic 99.95% copper tubes. The end terminals have dimensions in accordance with DIN 46228 (with a few exceptions). The pre-insulated end sleeves are made of PP, polypropylene, and have a conical EasyEntry, inside shape.

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